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How to choose the led hotel room lighting?

The room lighting system is the most insignificant in the entire hotel. However, the hotel room occupies 60% of the hotel space, it is the real meaning of the hotel, its lighting design is designed to provide guests with a comfortable rest environment and experience, so that guests have a comfortable, easy, free feeling.

So how do you get a good room lighting effect? First, we need to build a lighting plan: including illuminance standards, light level planning, reasonable lighting, lamp selection, scene control and so on.

Among them, the choice of the light is very important, “good light is judged by choosing the right lamp to illuminate the parts you need to illuminate.” Before choosing a luminaire, we need to know the classification of the lighting in the hotel rooms. There are two main types of lighting in hotel rooms: one is decorative lamp (wall lamp, floor lamp, desk reading lamp, bedside reading lamp, bedside table lamp, chandelier, mirror headlights …). ), there is a class of building lamps. One of the building lamps, there are two kinds: spotlights (including the bathroom with the anti-Fog light) and hidden lamp slot with the led strip light. (There may be, of course, a little night light installed in the invade.) )

So, for the building lamp itself, due to the specific needs of hotel rooms, we summarize the luminaire selection method as follows:

ⅠSpot light

As the main lighting fixture in the room, good spotlights should have the following characteristics:
a.good lights quality
b.Reasonable structure of luminaire
c.Excellent optical design
d. Reliable and high-quality driver -power supply

ⅡDetailed analysis of spotlights is as follows

a.lamp glare- wall was lighting by lights, but no lights from lamp
b.hidden deep light source design
c.Comes with a variety of anti-glare ring luminaires (including through mimics)
d.Special treatment Optical Reflector

ⅢLuminaire Adjustable angle function

0-30° longitudinal adjustable swing angle horizontal full angle adjustable, increase the function of spotlights, and let smallpox cloth light to achieve regularity.

ⅣRelatively accurate beam angle

As far as hotel room space is concerned, beam angle is one of the effective ways to construct light level sense. The beam angle is narrow, medium is narrow, middle, medium partial, wide and wide. The traditional halogen light source or luminaire, the angle mainly has 10°, 24°, 36°, 45°, 60°, and LED lamp era, different brands of beam angle are there are differences. For hotel rooms using LED luminaires, we recommend using medium to Narrow (15-18°), medium beam 22-25°), and medium to wide (28-30°), with different angles for different areas. Generally, narrow beam: beam angle <20°, medium beam: Beam angle 20~40°, wide beam: beam angle >40°.

ⅤRequirements for spot Light

Hotel room, whether it is a façade or a flat, neat and clean is a must. Any haphazard light or shadow is undesirable and does not help to create a sense of light level and the performance of irradiated objects. Therefore, a good spot should have the following characteristics:

Ⅵ led strip light

In the hotel rooms,  strip LED wall light is mainly used for ceiling or wall indirect lighting, creating a space atmosphere or environmental lighting. Of course, also used in the wardrobe and other furniture inside the master lighting, or night table under the light lighting.

There are also a number of modern hotel rooms, in order to get a warm and quiet sense of space, the use of LED light with diffuse lighting as the basic lighting of the room, and reduce the use of such as spotlights or downlight. In this way, the quality and working mode of LED light belt is very important. Therefore, the demand for LED light belt is also more and more high, specifically we look at the following two points requirements:



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